Hey Adventurers, Welcome to Green Adventure Sports!

Hey Adventurers, Welcome to Green Adventure Sports!

We are totally stoked to open our webstore! What started out in 2014 as a small paddlesport rental company in northern Utah has grown to 3 rental locations and this fun webstore with some sweet merch. 

Our family has always had a love of the great outdoors and a love of sharing it with those you love. (Yep, that was 3 "loves" in the same sentence, I know...I'm awesome). From camping as a scout when I was a kid to high adventure with my siblings and my wife. And now the most challenging camping of all....taking along our 6 kids. Our adventures have changed over the last couple decades, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

As our family expanded and camping with little ones became more challenging, I had a renewed appreciation for well designed, durable, quality products that made things more convenient so I could spend quality time with my family. Since college, my brother Denny and I have spent the last 15 years of our careers designing sporting good and backyard products. (Some of which we are excited to feature and offer on this website along with other great items to elevate your adventure.)

Our hope is to bring you the most innovative, fun, durable, and well designed outdoor products on the market with exceptional value and at the same time let you know about some great places to spend your next adventure! 

Thanks to my nephew Joe, we do like to make some fun videos around here to show great people great products and great places. (Yep, snuck 3 "greats" in there just for you ;-) So enjoy the vids and as we like to ask all our friends, "What's Your Adventure?"



Here's one of our favorite locations for a quick paddle in northern Utah. 

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