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SUPER CAMARO, a PREMIUM, Hot Tub & Spa for 6 persons. All in one piece with convenient wired controller. 138 air jets with 700W Massage Air Blower with all around bubbling design & Smart filtration. Quiet heating technology with built in 1350W water heater. 6 seating with extra seat cushions integrated into the spa floor. Inflatable bladder for better heat preservation and rain outflow.

The PREMIUM bubble spa treatment is designed to deliver a holistic, full body experience. Warm air is pushed through the 360-degree staggered air jet design, creating thousands of bubbles. Just enjoy being surrounded and massaged by bubbles completely.

•ANTIBACTERIAL FABRIC: To enhance the sterilization performance, antibacterial fabric is applied to the inner liner of MSpa, help reduce 99% of reproduction of bacteria. This conforms to ISO 22196:2011

•WIRED CONTROLLER: Integrated wired controller, to be stored outside of the tub to easily access all the functions. Minimized setup process to kick off the joy moment in a quickest way

•TIMER FUNCTION - LESS WAITING, MORE ENJOYEMENT: Set the time to wake up the Spa and start to heat water. With integrated chip, the wired controller allows to set time to turn on the heating function up to 99 hours.

•CHILDREN SAFETY LOCK: The entire line of MSpa is equipped with the children safety lock allowing parents to lock the hot tubs when their children may access. In children safety mode, the controller is locked, and all buttons will not work. The spa will retain its previous status.

•PATENTED PLUG AND PLAY TECHNOLOGY: No time-consuming installation. Simply remove the spa from its box, plug in, rotate the knob, long press the button “ ”, and watch your spa to be inflated in minutes!

•ANTI-ICING SYSTEM: The ANTI-ICING SYSTEM will be the watching your spa, to guard the temperature safe line. When the water temperature is lower than 1°C, the heater runs automatically until the water is heated up to 3°C . This HelpS prevent water from freezing. The circulation system, pump and pipe will be saved.

•WHISPER QUITE DESIGN: Spa with Built In “Shhh” Feature. MSpa continues innovation, challenging the technology and design. Starting from basic function, with energy consumption in mind, and super quiet spa idea, we introduced the new Whisper Quiet Feature.

•PTC SAFE HEATING TECHNOLOGY: MSpa has applied the PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology on all spa products. It provides a warm and comfortable spa experience and ensures a quick heat-up function. 2.0-3.0F per hour, use timer function to start heating in advance.
•High Efficiency Ceramic Heating Technology
•Higher Heating Performance Compared to Stainless Steel Heating Element
•Energy Saving & Low Cost of Operation
•Longer Service Life
•Key Safety Protection- Heater Protection, Temperature Assurance, Maximum Temperature Protection, Double Insulation Construction v. Grounding Protection for Core & Total Disconnection of Water and Electricity

•ALL AROUND BUBBLE DESIGN: Proprietary 360-degree air jet system fills spa with thousands of bubbles, staggered jets push bubbles into the center of the spa, creating a balanced, all-encompassing body massage.

•SMART FILTERATION: Advanced 4-hour auto-filtration function with the new filter cartridge featuring 90 pleats, filtration area of 0.3m2, most efficient filtration system in market.

•FILTER CARTRIDGE CHANGING REMINDER: To ensure best quality of water in spa, the MSpa controller is equipped with the filter cartridge changing reminder every 150 hours of usage.
•Carbon Fibre Patterned Fabric and Chic design
•Seating capacity of 6
•Built-In heater and heats up to 40 degree C
•Water capacity 930 litres
•PTC Safe Heating Technology
•Whisper Quite Technology
•Up to 138 Air Jets Massage System
•All around bubbling design and smart filtration
•Energy Saving Timer
•Children safety Lock
•Plug and Play Technology
•Filter Replacement Alarm System
•Control System 110-120V/60Hz
•Filter Pump 24V/50W
•Heat Increasing Rate: 2-3-degree F/hour, use timer function for advance-preparation