Puffs Plus Lotion With The Scent of Vicks Facial Tissues; 6 cube Boxes included, 48 Tissues per Box

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Softness to soothe sore noses! Only Puffs tissues are Air-Fluffed for a soft touch after winter sneezes or seasonal allergy sniffles. And Puffs Plus Lotion tissues have added lotion to soothe your face's delicate skin, so it feels good even when you're not feeling your best.

In fact, it's our most soothing facial tissue, so you can face every day—sick or otherwise—with Puffs softness. All with 40 percent more cushiony thickness.1 Choose America's top lotion tissue2 and put your best face forward.

Air-Fluffed softness with soothing lotion

Tested to be gentle

Face every day with Puffs softness

Unlike other tissues that are pressed flat, only Puffs facial tissues have Air-Fluffed pillows for a more cushiony feel.

Give your sore nose the soothing feel of shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E.

From everyday sneezes to makeup touch-ups, choose Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong: Air-Fluffed softness and our best strength

Puffs Plus Lotion tissues are Air-Fluffed with soothing lotion for a gentle feel on your face's delicate skin

Air-Fluffed for everyday softness, Puffs Basic tissues are perfect for your face's everyday needs

Air-Fluffed with soothing lotion and the scent of VICKS to comfort your sore nose during cold and flu season

Are Puffs made from recycled material?No. Puffs facial tissues are made from virgin wood pulp.

Why is there lint or fuzz on Puffs facial tissue?Lint is directly related to the degree of paper softness. The softer the paper, the more lint produced during the high-speed tissue-making process. We regularly shut down our manufacturing lines to clean our equipment and remove the lint buildup. And when humidity is very high, our lines are closed and cleaned as needed to prevent lint from dropping into our paper products.

Why did Puffs recently change the style of their packaging?Puffs recently changed its packaging to meet the needs of women year-round, above and beyond cold and flu season. The packaging designs now include a wide range of decor, giving consumers more reasons to keep Puffs handy and on display at home, in the office, and even on the go. Puffs fresh new looks are sure to delight your eyes with their style and the tissues' softness and strength are sure to take on anything your face has to face.

Three Ways to Face Every Day With Puffs Softness: Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong, Puffs Plus Lotion, and Puffs Basic.

1. Compared to the national leading tissue.2. Based on Nielsen volume share July ’09–October ’12.
  • The scent of Vicks added to trusted Puffs Plus with soothing lotion
  • The only tissue with Air-Fluffed pillows
  • More cushiony thickness* (*vs. the national leading tissue)
  • Our most soothing facial tissue so you can face every sick day with Puffs softness
  • 6 cube Boxes included
  • 48 Tissues per Box