Quick Bow Thruster BTQ 125-40 40KGF - 12V - D125 - 2.2kW [FGBT12540120T00]

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Bow Thruster BTQ 125-40 40KGF - 12V - D125 - 2.2kW

Better Performances, Lower Absorption

The 4-blade Propellers guarantee maximum thrust performance and reduction in current absorption. They are made of composite materials, resistant in every condition. The counter-rotating system offers better thrust performances. The two props have been designed to suit left side and right side, to guarantee the same upper performances in both directions.


  • The Gearbox is created so that the behavior of the propeller is unaffected in either direction.
  • The bronze propeller gearleg is provided with a hydrodynamic profile that minimizes turbulence.
  • Maintenance is not required since the special highly resistant components guarantee a perfect lubrication seal for life.
  • The anodic aluminum protection is easily replaceable. In case of total corrosion of the anode, the prop doesn’t get lost because it’s fixed directly to the pod, independently from the anode.
  • The elastic joint that optimizes the alignment between motor and gearbox is an exclusive Quick design. This acts as an even tension device, preserving the operating system from impulses from the bow thruster, with above-average results.

The Motors

New-generation materials have been chosen to constantly guarantee required output and maximum performance, given the severe conditions required by the application.

Top Safety

In case of relays’ melting, the TMS remote circuit breaker system switch-off the power to the motor from any place where a TDC panels or a TSC emergency mushroom panels are installed. Motor temperature sensor BTQ motors don’t need the thermic sensor to be able to always provide the maximum power when needed. The overheating protection is controlled by the software inside the touch panel or the joystick panel.