Wilcor Campfire FirePit Fireplace Cast Iron Blow Poker Fire Tender Tool Extra Long 36"

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This blow poker is made of durable cast iron. The blow poker will be your new favorite campfire tending tool. Easily stoke the fire by blowing through the poker into the embers, while staying at a safe distance. You can also use the poker to move hot wood or stir embers. The extra long 36" length keeps skin safe from heat. This will be your favorite fireplace tool. Great for camping!
  • Well made blow poker of durable cast iron, easy to move and stir the embers while keeping hands at safe distance. Rust resistant finish.
  • This blow poker stokes the embers of your campfire while blowing through the poker at a safe distance
  • The quality made forked prongs will help you to move and stir embers to keep your fire roaring in your outdoor fireplace.
  • This is the perfect fireplace accessory tool for your campfire and outside fire pit , also can be used for indoor fireplace.
  • The extra long 36" length fire poker keeps your hands from getting too close to fire and smoke.